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This is one of the holy cows of modern medical science. If you even suggest to parents that they do NOT vaccinate their child, they will be HORRIFIED. Vaccination is something that is taken for granted, something that has to be done. You are demented if you do not want to vaccinate your child and subject it to all sorts of diseases. But is this the factual situation?

I do not advocate that you do or do not vaccinate your children. All I say is that you should take an informed decision. That means, you should know what exactly it is that you putting into your child, how safe it is, how proven it is etc etc. However if you should decide not  to vaccinate, you should take care to lead a healthy life to avoid ALL diseases & illnesses both for yourself and your child - THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. One way of doing that is following the principles of Natural Hygiene listed on this site. Another very important point is that children who are not vaccinated should be breast-fed for as long as possible - for three years or more... This is because breast milk contains the mother's antibodies which get transferred to the children and build their immunity naturally.

Let us consider some basics first

1. Germ Theory
Vaccination has its roots in the germ theory. That is, germs cause disease. Therefore, we have to kill the germs to get well once sick. At the same time, the body's immune system produces antibodies to fight the germs. Therefore, if you inject germs (or weakened germs) into the body, the immune system will supposedly get roused up and produce the required antibodies that will prevent a full scale attack of the disease. This is the theory.

Let us examine it logically from the hygienic point of view. Firstly since we do not accept that germs cause disease, the whole structure collapses. Hygiene believes that diseases are caused by faulty living habits. If we eat the wrong foods, in the wrong quantity, at the wrong times, in wrong combinations, if we do not get enough exercise, sunshine, rest, sleep, fresh air, if we expose ourselves to excessive mental tension and strain  we fall ill. Viruses, germs, and microbes have nothing to do with it directly. If the body is kept healthy  by providing it with all these things in the required amounts appropriately  it can deal with all the germs, viruses etc. Only if the body is weakened, does the germ or virus have the opportunity to cause a problem. SO the issue is not with the germ but with the body.

Secondly, why do we have to train the body to do something it instinctively knows how to do? Let us consider  the body knows how to mend a fracture (broken bone). Or to heal a burnt skin. Do we have to break a s bones or burn ourselves  slightly  so the body knows how to deal with a  large fracture or a serious burn?

Thirdly, the very idea that by  injecting toxic, poisonous material into the body (that's what vaccines are made of, read on), we can produce health  it is crazy if you look at it dispassionately. Healthy inputs, healthy foods  produce health  eg fruits, vegetables, etc. Toxic substances produce disease. How can a toxic substance produce health?

2. Vaccine ingredients:
Do you know what is in the vaccine , what is used in the manufacturing process? Antibiotics (eg Neomycin)
Adjuvants and additives
* Preservatives such as thiomersal (contains mercury);
* Lactalbumin
Residues from Growth Media
* Eggs;
* African Green Monkey Kidney (Polio vaccine) Ingredients in vaccines
formaldehyde, thimerosal, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, polysorbate 80, gelatin
ammonium sulfate, formalin, sucrose
neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolized gelatin
medium: chick embryo
aluminum phosphate,  ammonium sulfate, washed sheep red blood cells, glycerol,
sodium chloride, thimerosal medium: porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
formalin, aluminum hydroxide, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), polysorbate 20, residual MRC5 proteins (from medium) medium: human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)!!!!

Don't believe me? Go to :

3. Quantities of Vaccines
Let us consider typical Immunisation Schedules for infants
                   Age                      Procedure

                  2 weeks                Hepatitis B #1 (if not given in hospital)

                  2 months               Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT) #1,
                                               &  Oral Polio #1, Hepatitis #2; Hib #1.

                  4 Months               DPT #2; Hib #2; Oral Polio #2.

                  6 Months               DPT #3; Hib #2; Oral Polio #3.

                  9 Months               DPT #4; Hib #3; Measles,Mumps and Rubella  (MMR)#1; TB Test

                  4 years                Boosters for DPT; Oral Polio and MMR.
Thus in the first year of life, the immune system of an infant, as well as the infant itself, is challenged by injections, directly into its body, of at least 10 diseases. Many of these are derived from attenuated strains of living bacteria or viruses. An infant with an underdeveloped immune system or one which is already challenged or compromised for any reason must be vulnerable when such an a battery of vaccinations are used in such a short period of time.

4. Bypassing The body's defence mechanisms

The body has several defence mechanisms to prevent poisonous and toxic mateial from getting into the bloodstream, or neutralising it if it has been accidentally swallowed. Such toxins will smell bad, taste bad  the nose and mouth will reject if. If you nevertheless swallow it you might vomit it out  or else the liver and stomach will neutralise it. The kidneys will eliminate it. In other words, the body takes a lot of care to ensure the purity of the bloodstream. But vaccination bypasses all these defence mechanisms!

These injections are directly into the body so that those elements of the bodys immune system which rely upon mucous membranes or skin are completely bypassed. This may be of particular relevance when the effects of the adjuvants and additives previously mentioned are considered.

5. Are Vaccines Safe?
The US Federal Government's National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has paid out over 724.4 million dollars to parents of vaccine injured and killed children, in taxpayer dollars. The NVICP has received over 5000 petitions since 1988, including over 700 for vaccine-related deaths, and there are still over 2800 total death and injury cases pending that may take years to resolve (NVICP, Health Resources and Services Administration). "Today, the bitter truth is that, although more than one billion dollars has been paid out to some 1,000 families whose loved ones have been harmed by vaccines, three out of four vaccine victims are turned away."

6. Are Vaccines Effective?
Can anyone guarantee that if your child is vaccinated, he will NOT get the disease he is vaccinate against? 100% surety? 99% surety? What percentage, then? Can they guarantee, 100%, that your child will NOT have any serious adverse effect of the vaccination? 100% ?? How much % ? And what if they are wrong?  DO they pay the price? DO they compensate (in INdia)? How? Can they compensate?

The fact is that today more cases of polio are caused by the polio vaccine than the polio virus and people who are vaccinated do contract the disease at times anyway.

So what's the big deal? And why FORCE people to vaccinate their kids? Let it be a matter of free choice. After all, those kids who are vaccinated are protected from the disease, right? They are not at risk from un-vaccinated kids. So why force everyone to vaccinate?

7. Vaccines linked to Autism

8. Vaccines linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant death Syndrome)

9. Myths of Vaccination
For an excellent reading into the myths of vaccination, covering the following topics:
Myth 1: How much death and disability do vaccines cause?
Myth 2: How effective are vaccines in  preventing disease?
Myth 3: How strong is the link between vaccination and disease decline?
Myth 4: How solid are vaccination theory and practice?
Myth 5 :How dangerous are childhood diseases?
Myth 6: Did vaccines really cause the polio declines?
Myth 7: What are the long term effects of  vaccination?
Myth 8: Are there alternatives to standard  vaccination?
Myth 9: Can vaccination be legally avoided?
Myth 10: How are the "Myths" sustained?                      

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