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Products and services

At the moment we are not offering these products and services for sale online. If you are interested in any of these offerings, please contact Mr. Peter Theobald on email at or on telephone 91-22-643 1233 or 91-22-645 4782 or on fax 91-22-642 2182. If there are many requests we can put up the products for online sales as well and start accepting credit cards on the site.


1. The Quintessence of Natural Living for Health and Happiness
By Dr. Keiki Sidhwa
Over 600 pages of collected writings  over the past 30 years by one of the world's most respected Hygienic physicians who has fasted over 25,000 patients and lectured in over 26 countries. A classic.  Paperback Priced at Rs. 2000 per copy (USD 40) plus shipping

For more info on Dr. Sidhwa and this book, visit

2. Sukshma Vyayama
by Shri CSR Prabhu
A practical how-to manual of this lost art of yoga. A series of 50 exercises with precise photos and instructions. Each part of the body from head to toe is exercised in 25 minutes- ideal for a busy person. All exercises to be done from a standing position so anyone can do it. Spiral bound. Rs. 250 (USD 5) plus shipping.


Note: The charges mentioned for the services are to cover costs. However the intention is not profit making, but to spread the message of Natural Hygiene and Yoga far and wide. If anyone is interested in learning these things, the cost should not be the stumbling block. If you would like to avail of any of these services, but find the costs too expensive, do write in to and we will try to organise a partial or whole fee waiver as appropriate.

1. Weight loss counselling
Three sessions with Peter Theobald of total 4 hour duration. In the first session, we will assess your health and weight status and teach the basics of the system and devise a diet suitable for you. After 3 weeks in the second session, we will review progress and make necessary adjustments and also introduce an exercise program. After further three weeks in the third session we will answer all pending doubts and then draw out a practical diet and exercise plan that can be followed for life.
Charges : Rs. 1500 for the whole course (USD 30)
This can also be done via email.

2. Preventive Health Counselling
Learn how to take charge of your health. Three sessions of theory of Natural Hygiene
Session 1  - You will learn the basics of diet and nutrition and learn how to make adjustments to your diet to make it more healthful. This is the same as the first session in the weight loss counselling
Session 2  After three weeks, you will see the effect of the changes and also learn about all the other aspects of health.
Session 3  You will finally  learn about the true nature of disease, healing and how you can stop falling ill and enjoy superb health life long. An introduction to fasting will also be given.
Charges : Rs. 2000 for the whole course (USD 40)

3. 21 day challenge
A guided 21 day detox programme. After an initial health status study, you will receive a daily email or phone call guiding you through a 21 day program that will give your body a break and help you change to a more healthful lifestyle. Ideal for those who want to find out if Natural Hygiene will work for them.
Charges : Rs. 2100 (USD 42)

4. Sukshma Vyayama
A practical course, Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 8:00 am teaching how to do Sukshma Vyayama. Charges : Rs. 1000/-

5. Seminar on Weight Loss
A half day seminar is periodically organised, teaching the principles of Natural Weight loss, subject to a minimum of 15 participants.  Charges: Rs. 1000 per participant

6. Seminar on Natural Hygiene
A full day seminar on Natural Hygiene, Nutrition, Diet and all other factors of health. Charges Rs. 2000 per participant for 15 participants minimum

7. 2 day Weekend Natural Living Retreat
Organised at Khandala. Combination of Theory and Practice of Natural Hygiene and Sukshma Vyayama.

Many other specific courses can be organised, contact for your inquiries