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This section tells you what exactly we are trying to do on this site; what is the basis of the information we provide, and what are the things you need to know before you start trying out anything. The important thing to note is that we are not all-knowing and perfect, preaching the only truth. We are just showing ONE of the ways to true health  there are many others. Rather than follow a "one fit for all sizes" approach, we prefer to give general guidelines, which need to be tailored for each invidual person's benefit, preferably under the supervision of a qualified health professional.. Click for more.

Weight Loss
Of all the areas that we talk about, this one generates the maximum interest. Not surprising, since half of the world's population who have sufficient food to eat, have a weight problem.  This is really not surprising considering the quantity and quality of food we eat and the lifestyle we follow, which puts paid to any diet we might follow. Shortcut diets cause more harm than good yet millions of dollars exchange hands. Millions struggle unsucessfully to lose weight, but yet there is a simple, safe, inexpensive and effective way to lose or increase your weight until you are at your optimum level Click for more

Perhaps there is no other area of common interest where there is so much divergent opinion. Every day we read something new. Today this is healthy, tomorrow it is not. All this conflicting information confuses people, who finally say, "To hell with it all, let's just eat, drink and be merry, and let my health take care of itself'. Yet improper food is probably the  main reason for the majority of the world's health problems today. There is an urgent need to provide take a logical and commonsense approach and lay down, once and for all, the fundamental truths about food that will never change. Click for more....

Care of Pregant Women, Nursing Mothers &  Children and Vaccination
We can often take on much trouble and pain upon ourselves without complaint. We will take our chances and often make compromises. But when it comes to the health of our children, even the poorest  man does not want to take any chances. We want the best for our children, more than for ourselves. Yet unknowingly, with the best of intentions, we do our children much harm. There is a lot that we have to learn in how to take care of our children. Care of children begins with care of the parents and mother. This section covers this topic also. Also covered here is the bogey of Vaccination - how safe, effective it really is, and is it all that indispensable, what are the myths of vaccination - a real can of worms.
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We try to practice what we preach. My wife Rita had a homebirth - attended by a midwife - with no doctors, drugs, pain-relief or surgery. Click here to read about our home-birth experience. We are also trying to bring up Krish as naturally as possible. Click here to read about our experence of bringing up baby for  the first four months..    Krish is now eight years old.. (in 2010). Click here to read about our experience in trying to bring up a child by following natural means as far as possible

Common Health problems or What is the cause of disease
Is there anybody who has never suffered from coughs, colds, fever,  constipation, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, indigestion, acidity, rashes, boils etc? If so, then you can safely skip this section. If not, then do click here to learn what exactly these problems are, what causes them, how to recover quickly and prevent them from happening to you ever again. In  fact, this brings us to one of the most important parts of this site- a discussion on the cause of disease and how to prevent disease from happening and how to recover from it. IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing in this site is a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Please be especially careful with infants and children

Serious Health problems
Here are the real bogeymen that even adults are afraid of  Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholestrol, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Cancer, AIDS.Despite their widespread occurrence, it is surprising how many myths surround these problems. For example, did you know that fruit is not forbidden for diabetics? And do you know how many so called "therapies" are actually worse than the disease itself? The problem arises because modern medicine has no real "cure" for any of these chronic problems. This section will give you a new perspective on these problems, and present an alternative way to manage if not reverse them. We have also provided lots of links to sites giving more information on each of these areas. Click for more

Sixteen "Most Wanted" Public Enemies (of Health )
Do you know who are the real enemies of your health? Enemies who you are exposing yourself to, every day of your lives, without even knowing it? Click for more.

The world's best Twenty Five Doctors
Click on the link below the meet the world's twenty five best doctors, who can help you overcome almost any and  every illness. What's more, these doctors are available to everyone, wherever in the world they are, and they can speak your language. And the best part is, their services are mostly free or at nominal cost. Everyone can afford them. Interested to learn more? Click here

Natural Hygiene
The science of true health on which much of this site is based. Natural Hygiene is not just about taking a bath twice a day and cleaning behind your ears. It is actually a philosophy of life, which if followed faithfully, can lead to a lifetime of superb health. Click on the link below to learn more about Natural Hygiene, its origins and history, what is it's view of health and disease, it's revolutionary theory of the causes of disease and unique approach to healing, and lots more. Click here

Natural Healing
So you have a health problem. What do you do? Everyone suggests something different. Go to an allopath, a homeopath, an ayurvedic physician, a unani physician, a yoga expert, an accupuncturist, a reiki master and a few others FOR THE SAME AILMENT and see how widely the diagnosis and treatment differ. And of course for different problems there is a different treatement. But yet, there is one way of natural healing that will work for everyone for all problems. It is simple and easy to follow (if you want to) and based on commonsense. It has been used with excellent results from time immemmorial.. Click here to learn more about the natural way of healing yourself.

Professional Practitioners
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