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Welcome to! Praana is the Sanskrit word for "life-force" and in this site you will learn more on how to nourish, maintain, heal and enhance your praana in a natural way.

.There are two main  resources in this site:

Natural Hygiene - a 200 year old science of health. Learn how by purely Natural means, you can attain a superb level of health and life-long freedom from disease.

Hatha Yoga - The Yoga of the Body - a part of the 5000 year old system of yoga.  While Yoga as a whole aims at spiritual liberation, Hatha Yog is is the first dedicated to keeping your body in the best possible condition, so that it does not hinder your spiritual endeavours. Hatha Yoga discused in this site is traditional Hatha Yoga, covering not just asanas but much more in theory and practice.

You will get a lot of information with life-transformational potential in this site- if you choose to implement it in your life. The key to the whole thing, of course, remains in your hands. People like me can only show it to you. It's up to you to seize it, put it into the lock and turn it. That will open the door to a more more beautiful, more healthy, more happy life - of holistic well being...

I have been incredibly lucky, that through God's Grace, I have come across these tools in my life - and been able to apply them to transform my life for the better. I owe a debt to these resources to share them with whoever is interested - which is why  I have put up this site. By reading these words, you are at the threshold of an amazing discovery and  journey - should you wish to take it. Good luck & All the best!


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing in this site is a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Please be especially careful when applying the principles in this site to infants and children. They have different needs than adults, and need to be taken care of differently..  This website is for informational purposes only and the  author of this site takes no responsibility for the effects of applying anything written on this site

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