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Not-for-profit organisations spreading the word of natural hygiene.

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Email Counselling on Diet, Nutrition, Preventive Health issues.
While proper counselling demands a one-on-one, face-to-face meeting and detailed discussions on lifestyle, in case this is not possible, simple questions can be answered and specific issues addressed by email counselling. After we confirm that we can help you via email, you will have to remit a fee of $10 per question via Paypal or similar system and then we will answer your question.

To find out if we can help you, email There  is no fee or obligation for sending this information. After we receive it, we will email you whether we can help out via email, by personal consultation or otherwise. If you choose to proceed, we will send you details on how to remit the funds.

DISCLAIMER: We only provide counselling on nutrition and diet education and preventive health maintenance, and information on possible Nutrtional solutions to your health problems.  We do not offer medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any nature for any ailment or disease. For all such problems, contact a qualified physician.